The Sky Anklet
The Sky Anklet
The Sky Anklet

The Sky Anklet

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Energize your style with the Sky Anklet! Adorned with pastel purple crescent moons and pretty pink stars, this unique accessory is perfect for adding a splash of celestial sparkle to any look. The adjustable strap makes it ultra-comfortable, so you can soar to the stars in style!

Anklet Size Guide
Measure around your ankle,
Check ankle to anklet size below.
All measurements are approximate
To determine anklet size:

Ankle Measurement

Cm                    Inches

18-21 cm   -->     7-8.3"
21-24 cm    -->    8.3-9.45"
24-27 cm    -->    9.45-10.6"
27-30 cm     -->   10.6-11.8"

Ankle Size

                     Cm                    Inches

SMALL         22.9 cm          9"

MEDIUM      24 cm             10"

LARGE         27.9 cm          11"

XL                30.5 cm           12"

XXL              33 cm              13"